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Skin Treatment Services

Acne Scar(Pimples) Treatment

Dr. Atul Jain is an experienced professional who has treated about thousands of of patients for the pimples, acne, acne scars. Acne typically appears on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

Considering the age, intensity and severity of the acne, it can lead to redness, itching and burning on the skin, so he recommends the patient for the best possible treatment. Sometimes the acne leaves marks and scars on the body that needs a Laser Therapy. To know more about this, you can contact him.

Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks is an embarrassing state of skin disorder that affect especially females and people from different age group. Dr. Atul Jain can bring your self esteem back to revive your confidence. Lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs are the commonly affected areas that get intense stretch marks.

As suggested by him, stretch marks can appear due to the hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, puberty, stress and change in the physical conditions. Generally, there are creams and oils that can help, but the fiber laser can be the most effective on your rigid stretch marks.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment

Fine Lines and Wrinkles are the skin disorders that may arise due to aging, too much exposure in the Sun, Stress and Pollution. Carrying years of experience, Dr. Atul Jain suggests various ways to treat the wrinkles.

All the remedies will depend on the depth and the location of the wrinkle on the body. Mild lines of wrinkles can be treated by consuming food that is rich in Vitamin C and regularly applying Sun Screen Lotion. For the severe illness, he recommends Laser therapy treatment.

Age Spot Treatment for Men & Women

Age spot is another type of skin ailment that develops in both men and women who have too much exposure in the Sun. Aging is also the sign of the development of age spots. Dr. Atul Jain is a skin specialist who believes that skin is the most sensitive part of the body.

He treats the age spots, considering the severity and the age of the spots. He suggests medicines, bleach creams, lotions and chemical peel to treat the age spots. Other than this, he strongly proposes Laser therapy, but only after the consultation of the skin specialist.

Pigmentation- Black or Dark Spots

Skin Care awareness is increasing day by day as confirmed by Dr. Atul Jain. He states that the common reasons for the development of the pigmentation in the skin is Sunlight, hormones, wrong medicines, and scratching of the acne or pimples.

Now this ailment can be treated with the medicines or chemical peels. The Laser can also help rectify the pigmentation of the skin. But something the patient should take care is that they should stay away from the Sun.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo is a trend amongst the youngsters who get themselves inked following the fashion trend. The needles puncture the epidermis that is the outer layer of the skin, but the ink rests in the layer under the outer layer. Hence removal of the tattoo is a difficult task.

However, Dr Atul Jain brings an easy solution for the tattoo removal. He recommends Q-switched and YAG Laser as the standard for treatment for tattoo removal. Depending on the size and the colors of tattoo, the number of seatings will be decided.

Warts, Moles & Skin Tags Treatment

A wart is the growth of the skin, which is caused by some or the other virus attack. Moles and skin tags are a similar kind of cell growth that forms a cluster instead of being spread on the skin. Sometimes, this extra skin growth in any form may be cancerous. Dr Atul Jain is a skin specialist who can treat largely all kinds of skin tags, moles and warts..

Warts and skin tags need to be removed with the Radio Frequency procedure. However, people think that the Laser therapy may give them scars, but that is not always true. It can be done with the minimum discomfort.

Childhood Skin Disease Treatment

Children are the most susceptible group of the population that are likely to have the skin disease. Dr Atul Jain recommends to maintain the standards of hygiene level for the children. They are most exposed to the mud and water, which are the common source of transfer of any infection that may cause the skin infection. Common childhood infection may include atopic dermatitis, scabies, bacterial infection, white patches on the face and others.

Other reasons could be hereditary or exposure to the Sun while they play. Well, for all the treatment will depend on the type of the ailment and the skin type. An important thing to note is that you should not give any medicine to your child without a doctor’s prescription.

Psoriasis Skin Treatment

Psoriasis is not a very painful disease, but the infection itself is very painful to watch. The patient gets a chronic thick skin lesion with white scales over it. It is found on elbows, scalp, knee and back. It is not contagious, so you can leave the worry of it.

Dr Atul Jain suggests that it is better to start the treatment with medicines. The treatment will depend and vary from patient to patient. However it cant be cured but can be controlled. If you or your child is suffering with the disease, immediately contact us. Do not avoid or neglect the disease as the long term effects are quite hard. It may lead to Arthritis, joint pain, obesity and liver problems.

Skin Tanning Treatment

Skin tanning or darkening of skin may occur due to too much exposure in the Sun. Dr Atul Jain refers to the use of various Sunscreen lotions with the Sun Protection Films. You should treat it at the earliest or the skin may get dark permanently from that particular area.

Medicines and lotions can be the treatment at the early stage, but if you have got severe burns, then peeling is the option for you.

Rashes and Itching Treatment

Rash and Itching is a common skin disease that may occur in the damp climate or on the body parts that remain damp. The disease can happen to people of any age. If your condition is severe and recurrent, you can refer to Dr Atul Jain for further advice.

Itching may also occur due to some medication you might be taking. Maintaining hygiene level is also important. Use dry and clean clothes to wipe and wear. There are several ointments available in the market that can give you instant relief. But this does not solve your purpose, so consult him.

Fungus Infection Treatment

If you have a red colored circular itchy rash, then it is probable that you may have a fungal infection. It occurs in people who take antibiotics or have a poor immune system. Dr Atul Jain is one of the best and leading skin specialist who recommends successful medicines to apply over the infected area.

Still, the infected area does not reduce in size, you need to look for an alternative and work on improving your immune system. In severe cases, consult your doctor or the skin specialist.

Keloid Skin Treatment

It is essential to understand that Keloid is the state of skin disease in which the scarred skin heaps up and rises abruptly over the skin. The uplifted part of the scar may be pink, red or purple in color. It may be smooth when you touch it, but they have irregular shapes.

Before settling for the skin treatment, it is better to seek an advice from your skin specialist. There are multiple treatment options like injections, moisturizing oils, laser treatment, radiation shrinks, and silicone gel pads. Again, it will depend on the patient and the Keloid.

Melasma Skin Treatment

Another common skin ailment that may affect any body is called Melasma in which gray-brown patches develops on the face. It may appear on the cheeks, forehead, chin, and above the lips.

Dr Atul Jain states that you can choose some home remedies as well. You can protect your skin from the Sun to prevent from Melasma and always use Sun Screen Lotions. Melasma may gradually fade on its own and it is not dangerous.

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